How To Apply

The first step in your request for funding is to submit a two-three page letter of inquiry that describes your organization, your legal name and tax status, the proposed project and intended use of funds, its’ relation to Foundation mission, and the requested amount.

You may apply by sending a letter of inquiry to: 

Cheryl Scapanski, Director 
2220 125th Street NW 
Rice, MN 56361-9701 

Please send inquiry letters at least six weeks prior to the full proposal deadline to allow time for consideration and notification. Requests will be reviewed within 14-21 days and you will receive either a denial or an invitation to submit a full proposal. If you did not receive a response in a timely fashion there is a chance we did not receive it. Please contact Cheryl Scapanski at 320-393-2115 if you have questions regarding your proposal. 

Project proposals under $2,000 will be reviewed monthly and may be submitted at any time. Please download this application and either email or mail it to: 

Cheryl Scapanski, Director 
2220 125th Street NW 
Rice, MN 56361-9701


Once you have received an invitation to submit a full proposal, please follow the instructions below. 

Download the online grant application or call Cheryl Scapanski at 320-393-2115 to request one by mail. 

Proposals need to be no more than 10 pages long, single-spaced, excluding attachments. 


1. Cover Sheet 
2. Cover Letter 
3. Proposal Narrative 
4. List of board members and their affiliations
5. IRS determination letter (if not submitted with Letter or Inquiry) 
6. List of key staff 
7. The following financial information:

  • Organizational Budget
  • Project Budget
  • List of additional funders for projects and amounts, (pending and awarded)
  • Most recent submitted 990
  • Most recent financial audit
  • Most recent Balance Sheet
  • Confirmation of letter of fiscal host, if applicable. (Please check with Foundation to receive additional information.)