Small Grant Application

Please provide the following information. Eligibility and guidelines are available here.

Organization Name

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Amount Requested
Half the project budget up to $2000

Purpose of the funds

Target Population(Who will the funds be helping)

Give us a timeline of your project

What is the total cost of your project. Do you have other funders?

Does this project fit our mission?

Where will the funds be of use/be spent?

Is this project within the Benton Cooperative Telecommunications Company service area
If it’s not within our service area, how will it benefit this specific area?

When the grant is awarded, please provide a brief one-page reeport and explain the outcomes of this funding.

Send IRS Letter of Determination(for non-profit organizations) and this application to:

Cheryl Scapanski, Director

2220 125th Street NW 
Rice, MN 56367-9701
Phone: 320-393-2115